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Building Better Families

Child and Family Pathways believes no matter what obstacle you and your child are facing there are new strategies and new ways to work together. With Child and Family Pathways on your side things can begin to make more sense. With an increased sense of mastery as a parent your children will gain skills and knowledge that will help them when they need it most.

We can make a difference
Who We Are

Child and Family Pathways is a private service that provides support, education and strategies to families who are struggling with their children’s behaviours and/or mental health. We offer a flexible schedule, in-home visits, and video conferencing calls.

How it Works

Our coaches work with your family to identify goals and come up with an action plan, that will address your child’s areas of concern. We focus on coming up with solutions that work, using strategies that are proven to be effective, even in the most difficult situation.

What You Will Learn

You will learn parenting strategies that will increase your confidence when managing your child’s behaviours. You will gain useful knowledge about your child’s mental health. Your child will gain skills that will decrease behaviours and increase their self-worth.

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Meet Devin
Child and Family Pathways
Devin Misener

Devin Misener is an energetic, honest, down to earth individual. She is the heart and soul of Child and Family Pathways.