“Devin, I want to thank you so much for all you have done for Jordan and myself. We have been to a few different places for counseling and yes everyone wants to talk about whats going on in our lives, but you not only wanted to talk, you gave us tools to work with and explained how these tools work. Raising Jordan with ADHD, anxiety and a few other things going on has always been hard, this has been an eye opening experience and for once Jordan and I can get along after 13 years.

I understand that this doesn’t happen over night, and I know I┬áhave 13 years worth of work to redo but its working. I have been able to control myself more because l understand more on how he works and to keep my son at a level l can manage, which in my life is huge.

Even different family members have commented how much more he is in control of himself. I Think we had hit rock bottom and out of control before you came. Now i am able to see things before they happen and know how to turn things around quicker so it doesn’t turn nasty, you have opened my eyes so much. I truly thanks you for all your hard work, very much appreciated.” – Debbie Lowery

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